Monday, September 30, 2013

Feature Story Examples

Case Study

1. case study- how an individual or organization has benefitted from a company’s service or product
This man now has a thriving company buying and selling used Lego products.
application study- focus is on how consumer can use product or service in innovative way. “5 new ways to use…”
2. Application story- focus on how consumers can use product in an innovative way
A company is re-designing swim suits to help breast cancer patients feel sexy again
3.surveys and research- hire a group to do research and put together a story about it.
Telebrands did a study on using vodka to clean mold and mildew
backgrounder-focus on a problem and how it was solved
problem- how to open a tough jar lid, fix- sandpaper!
personality profile- people like to read about people. compelling story
A football coach suspends his delinquent team and makes them re try out after improving their negative behavior
historical piece- history of company, product and its developments

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