Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Morals and Ethics Building Projects

How would a PR professional attract and audience and generate coverage?

1. Many facets of Mexican culture have been welcomed with open arms into American society. I would throw a huge fiesta bash within the community (maybe at a local park or community center) celebrating the 10th anniversary. Guests who came in groups of at least would each get a free taco or dessert. There would be lots of Mexican food, vendors, games and dancing. A percentage of the food sold would go to a charity chosen by the restaurant.

2. A manufacturer of vacuum cleaners could use the health hook to generate publicity through keeping air clean of pollen and other particles for allergy and asthma sufferers. They could even make it out of recycled materials (or even recycled vacuums) to seem to be taking care of the environment also.
7. American’s love pizza! I would suggest that the company allow customers to create their own pizza recipe and/or toppings combination as a contest, and allow users to vote online or within their store for their favorite. The winning pizza and toppings combination would be added as a special edition pizza on the menu for a limited time!

There are always new creative PR strategies waiting to be discovered!

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