Saturday, October 26, 2013

3 Public Relations Trends of 2013

The digital revolution of the past decade has changed the mediums with which public relations practitioners are required to use.

Three PR trends

1. Collecting Data

Everyday there are new apps that allow companies to find out when to post and what types of posts their consumers like. Apps like Social Bro and Buffer assist companies in ensuring that when social media is utilized, it is effective in reaching as many people with a message that resonates with them as possible. Many social media sites, like Twitter or Facebook, are often used on a cell phone rather than on the computer. This puts even more pressure on companies to make sure they are putting only what their viewers want to see and also the times users are typically on their phones checking their accounts. Also, cookies track what websites they like to visit so that companies can target specific interests.

2. Companies utilizing multiple Platforms to further their message

Companies like Nike pretty much use every avenue available to publicize their products. I got a email from a website I follow called Fashiolista, which is an online website for fashion lovers, about subscribers who personalized their shoes with Nike id. I got on YouTube and saw that some gurus were now talking about how they love their personalized Nike shoes. Nike also has 2 Pinterest accounts. Basically, companies are trying to further their reach and connect on any platform their is a possibility their buying segment visits.

3. More emphasis on giving back

Of course people always liked to support companies that give back to the community. But consumers have become wise about whether or not the charity is truly benefitting from donations and charity work. Many were outraged when they found that only eight percent of the benefits from the NFL's work with Susan G. Komen went to charity. People want to see CEO's volunteering, scholarships, and diversity in companies they support. Consumers look for authenticity and require social and community involvement.

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