Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lessons on Humanity

Why Strong Feet Hopefully Wont Matter to Generation Y

Many people complain about the my generation. The complaints about Generation Y'ers are numerous and redundant. We are are ignorant about politics, stay on Facebook too long, want to wear flip flops to work, and self-entitled. One thing that is common to the human experience, and that someone from any generation can agree with someone on, is the fact that our justice system in many ways sucks.

Today in Virginia Beach my boyfriend's friend had to go to court (typical Gen Y'er). My boyfriend and his roommate, along with two friends, sat in a courtroom and were forced to watch cases from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Observation 1: The main prosecutor, one woman, went through the huge pile of court case files she had and decided which ones would go to the judge, and which she would take care of personally. She was dressed so nice compared to the people around her, she was described as "a fat cat among pack rats". "The defending lawyers look poor, while she looked like she could have been wearing Gucci" he told me.

Observation 2: Judges and police officers are weird and rude. A woman was given a speeding ticket when she arrived at a hospital. She had rushed there to see her sister, who a nurse had called and let her know was in a coma. She tried to have the cop talk to the nurse on the phone, and the cop refused. While in this discourse with the cop, the woman's sister died. She did not get to see her sister's last breath on this earth. Yet, the only memorable thing the judge had to say (which he said twice) were that the woman had "strong feet". She was ordered to pay the ticket and court fees.

When talking about the prosecutors, he said "this is too much power for one person. Those people have too much power. They are like the hand of God". Hopefully in this generation, though we may get many things wrong, we get the justice system fixed. 

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