Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Controversy of Video News Releases

Will Honesty with Video News Releases Protect Consumers?

I'll get straight to the point. When it comes to VNRs, a quote from the "CyberGuy" said it best; "use common sense". Adults should be able to research on their own, although I do believe there are certain areas where honesty is required.
In the CyberGuy video, I do not believe anything was done wrong. The reporter edited it himself, and may have felt that the story would be interesting and news worthy to the viewers. When a newspaper prints a news release, it is used by the reporter as if the reporter completely wrote it. Similar to newspapers, broadcasters may have not have a story at the last minute or need another segment to complete the show. Also, I personally have gotten fraudulent emails. However, attribution would simply be a quick acknowledgement, and I do think it should be added.
"The Accidental Housewife" definitely needed to disclose to viewers that she was paid by sponsors. It does not make her tips less helpful, but it helps the viewer to know they should take what she says with a grain of salt. Her opinion could have been swayed by the paycheck, and the companies are given a boost of credibility due to deception of omission. By her not being open and honest, she discredits her opinion.
The Victoria's Secret Lip Candy segment though I feel was inappropriate for television, was clearly an advertisement. It was clearly being used to sell the product. Though of course it broke ethical guidelines and should not have, I do not feel that viewers could have been fooled into thinking that was a news segment. Gisele's script was also very corny.
It is not that hard to attribute sources! I wish news companies would do that in order to ensure that their viewers are being respected, rather than sell their viewers out for money.

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