Thursday, December 19, 2013

Should Public Relations Bow Down to Beyonce's Star Power?

Did Beyonce's Secret Album Release Prove PR is Unnecessary?
Many of you have heard all the buzz recently about Beyonce's surpise album that was released around midnight. She released it without visiting Oprah, being critiqued in any blogs or interviewed in any magazines. Public Relations is often the middleman between consumers and the market place. We help people to see how new products or services can enrich their lives. So does it matter that Beyonce broke an ITunes record for most CD sales in one day without utilizing the middleman?

  1. First of all, technically what Beyonce did IS a PR gimmick                                                               
  2. Before Beyonce was a worldwide sensation, she relied on PR.
  3. She doubtfully will try this again!
 Beyonce essentially decided that she's a star and shouldn't have to pay so that people will pay attention to her. She utilized her status and product to generate buzz on it's own. Its publicity for free! Without sending anyone her CD, without going on the couch with Oprah and Wendy Williams, without high fashion photo shoots and other stunts.  Beyonce does that even when she doesn't have a CD coming out. She constantly is doing PR, such as Super Bowl performances and magazine covers, she is constantly in the public eye. While she does take breaks in between, she consistently comes back into the limelight to remind us all she is still alive and glamorous. Please do not begin to think that PR was belittled or proven unnecessary by this publicity stunt. It generated so much free publicity that other stars may wish they had thought of it sooner. However, like Paranormal Activity's similar luck, such tricks only work once. After that the traditional route is used. Beyonce will most likely taken the traditional route next time, and promote her album before it comes out. 


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