Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's All the Fuss About SEO?

What is Search Engine Optimization Anyway?

So many small business are trying to catch up with the buzz they see other companies generating online. Starting a website does not mean that automatically you will grow in profit and your company will grow. Oftentimes many websites only get a small amount of views. Bringing traffic to your website is a challenge, and in the past many companies have actually cheated Google's algorithm in order for their website to come up higher in searches (i.e. Expedia, Halifax, RapGenius).

Search Engine Optimization is working to make your product or company at the top of the searches on Google. Google is the most used search engine, and most people who search for something never get to the second page of results, let alone the bottom of the first page. When we search we typically choose the top three or four results (think back to when you use Google and you will see this is typically true). Google uses an ever changing algorithm (yes unfortunately the internet is built around math) that tries to constantly update itself in order to more efficiently give people what they are searching for. 

If you are trying to bring  more traffic to your website here are a few quick tips:
1. Make sure you have an easy to read website. The way your website looks has a big part of whether or not people will want to read your content or buy from you. Make it look nice and if you are ever stuck on the design either hire someone or keep the less is more rule in mind.
2. Try using the Google Analytics tool. Google has a new Beta version that is supposed to include more helpful tools for business owners. Using this tool will help you to track how much traffic your website receives and it is free! Here is a link to it:  http://www.google.com/analytics/
Also try using Google Adwords and Google Alerts. It helps you to see what people search for most that is related to your business. For example: If your business sells fancy bow ties, you would create an alert for fancy bow ties. If your company comes up in the top 4 then you may be on your way to your way to success
Link: google.com/alerts

3. Make sure you're sharing your content to your social media pages so that it can reach your followers.

Hope this helps!


Here's a few helpful videos
Sorry about the Tony Soprano looking rep, but many parts of this video are helpful :)

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