Sunday, July 6, 2014

Busy busy! Infographic on the PR Process

This has been a busy crazy summer so far! I am enjoying my experience and learning from the ups and downs of political public relations.
Here is an amazing infographic illustrating on the different PR processes  you can use for your company or non-profit.
Sorry it's not the clearest, but from the starting line it's headlines are:

  • Strategic plan
    • PR Plan or Corporate Vision
  • Key Messages & Positioning
    • Competitors, Target
  • Draft Materials
    • Background, Releases
  • Executive Training
    • Speaking, Presentation, Background
  • Analyst Briefings
    • Identification, Feedback
  • Message Refinement
    • Marketplace, Competitors, Targets
  • Trade Press Briefings
    • Press Tours, Hosted Visits, Teleconferences
  • Public Launch
    • Webinars, Email Flashes
  • Trade Show Support
    • Press Appointments, Private Demos
  • Speaker Opportunities
    • Conferences, Seminars, Public Forums
  • Partnership Announcements
    • Technology, Distribution, International
  • User Success Stories
    • Roundups/Awards
    • Industry Specific or Beta Users
  • Tracking
    • coverage
    • awareness
    • understanding

So many different aspects! No PR is not just planning an event and sending out invitations to reporters!

Best of luck!

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